Year 1 school closure learning

Handa work 30/06/20

Finishing off the 'surprise' part of your story.

Handa Work 29/06/20

Writing the surprise element to the story.

Handa 25/6/20

Writing the middle of your story

Handa 22/6/20

You are going to write your version of Handa's Surprise

Thursday 18/6/20

Handa's Surprise - write a sentence about your favourite animal.

Handa's Surprise 15/6/20

Mrs Stokley reads Handa's Surprise

Zahra 3/6/20

What do you want to know about Zahra?

1st June 2020

Mrs Stokley reads Little Red

Zahra 2/6/20

Compare yourself and your life to Zahra. Think about your appearance, homes, what you do, the weather and the landscape around you.

Experiment 3 Results

What did you predict? Were you correct?

Experiment 3

What will happen to the sweets?

Experiment 1 Results

What did you find out?

Experiment 2 Results

What did you find out?

Experiment 2

What shape is the strongest?

Experiment 1

An experiment for you to try at home.

18/5/20 Sayeeda, The Pirate Princess

Listen to this week's story.

15/5/20 Stanley's Stick

Finishing off your story.

14/5/20 Stanley's Stick

Starting to write your own story

11/5/20 Stanley's Stick

Writing about emotions and thoughts.

Mrs Stokley reads a story

Hansel and Gretel

7/5/20 Thursday Stanley's Stick

Writing a character description of Stanley.

Maths Thursday 7.5.20

6th May 2020 Year 1 Stanley's Stick

What can you see, hear, taste, feel and smell at the beach or station?

4/5/20 Year 1 Stanley's Stick

Learn some new words and create your own book cover.

Year 1 English 1/05/20

Jasper's Beanstalk Ten Seeds

English 30/04/20 Jasper's Beanstalk work continued

Watch the video to find out your next activity.

Year 1 English

Mrs Stokley reads Jasper's Beanstalk